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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Erin, Jun 26, 2017.

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  1. Erin

    Erin Co Owner Staff Member Co-Owner Admin Gfx

    It is with GREAT pleasure to fully explain our plans with people who make guides/videos and any sort of entertainment benefiting anarchy!

    1) VIDEO MAKERS: If you are interesting in being rewarded for making videos than you are reading the right thread! I will be rewarding players who make Guides, Pk videos, promotional videos, really any sort of thing you'd like to make a video on, that involves anarchy. Rewards will be based off the quality of the video, so make sure to put some time and effort into your videos so you can be handsomely rewarded! I look forward to seeing the creativity of some people for this.
    Making youtube videos could land you this pretty awesome cape! :]
    2) GRAPHICS DESIGN: I noticed we have a ton of talented players here who may have some untapped potential. So if you like to create logos or posters or even just random photos involving anarchy you could potentially be rewarded for those too! So please please please if you are even considering anything of that sort, DO IT! :) ALSO GFX can earn this cool cape!

    Lastly: I will update this thread as we decide on more ideas to reward players. If you have any thoughts/ideas/concerns about this please feel free to Pm me in-game (in-game name is "Erin") or through the forums.

  2. rennoc

    rennoc Moderator Staff Member Moderator Moderator Demonic Veteran

    fantastic idea!
  3. Ins

    Ins Rank 1 Insane Demonic Veteran Insane

    how about just give me the gfx cape?
  4. Will

    Will Moderator Staff Member Moderator Demonic Veteran

    Agreed. I'll take the cape ;)

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