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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Sasuke, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. Sasuke

    Sasuke Professional Member Demonic Veteran

    Who has the best pc build on the server?? Lets find out!
    Post your pc specs below :)

    CPU: i7 4790k
    GPU: R9 290 (upgrading to a 980 ti soon)
    RAM: 16gig DDR3
    STORAGE: 1tb hdd ( going to get a ssd at some point)
  2. 2 Ezy 4 U

    2 Ezy 4 U Easy Peasy Kia Kaha divine

    Don't forget pictures, that's the best part!
    CPU: i5 4690k @ 4.2 GHz (On closed water loop)
    GPU: GTX970 ACX 2.0
    RAM: 16Gb DDR3
    Samsung 850 EVO 500Gb
    Samsung 840 250Gb
    WD Blue 1Tb

    2.5" SSD for scale, mITX case
  3. Racket

    Racket Well-Known Member Event Manager mythic

    I'll just drop you guys my speccy
  4. I am cydrex

    I am cydrex ý̋͋ͫo͆̆̂͒̌ͫùͫẗ̓ͨͥ̓ͮͪȕ͂̃͗ͬ͑bͮ̽ͮͥ̏̆eͩͣ̚r!̉ Veteran

    this is my gaming/video editing computer, server computer has more ram and better processor but worse graphics card ^.^
  5. Sasuke

    Sasuke Professional Member Demonic Veteran

    about to leave for work, but if you guys want I can upload a pic of my build when I get home tonight
    and nice builds guys
  6. Lira

    Lira Member

    mine is called shintel :D
  7. jehova

    jehova New Member

    i7 6900k @ 5GHZ
    asus extreme 8
    16Gb corsair LPX @ 3500mhz
    two 980tis in SLI (soon to be two 1080 tis on release)
    12TB of storage: 2x3 2TB samsung evo pro SSD's, 4TB samsung evo pro SSD, 2 TB WD black HDD, 512GB m.2)
    custom water cooling loop,

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  8. 321v3

    321v3 New Member divine

    Radeon R390
    16gb corsair
  9. Butter Sauce

    Butter Sauce Member

    Some these builds are dope asf ;)

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