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    [​IMG]Real First Name: mikieal thomas

    [​IMG]How old are you:22 (I do have a 2 month old baby boy)

    [​IMG]What country do you live in: usa

    [​IMG]What is your current time zone: eastern

    [​IMG]What languages do you speak fluently: English

    [​IMG]How often do you play per day on average: 1-10 hour tbh mutch as I can

    [​IMG]InGame Username: manmadezombi

    [​IMG]Total InGame Time Played: 92 hrs 22 mins. I play a lot I used to play but quit because I had almost everything but came back so I'm return player.

    [​IMG]How much of that time wasn't AFK: maybe like 1-2 hours tops I normally log out.

    [​IMG]Account Creation Date: tbh I don't know I just created this account on forums.

    [​IMG]Why do you want to become a support: I want to become support to make my way up to mod/admin to help everyone on the server and to help with all the nulls that happen to reset the server since I am on now almost 24/7.

    [​IMG]How can you help the server progress: I can get other player's I have 1 coming 2 day to play with me on the server today =].

    [​IMG]How can you benefit Anarchy: anyway I can tbh what ever needs to be done =].

    [​IMG]How do you feel about our current staff: they are doing a relly good job could be on a lot more to have active staff to help when needed.

    [​IMG]What can you add to the current team: more help and a staff online 24/7 and active skype.

    [​IMG]What do you feel our staff team lacks: play time and sometime afk not to much tho about the afk.

    [​IMG]Do you have Skype, TeamSpeak, or other methods of communication: yes skype can have my fb if needed and my text number.

    [​IMG]If you refuse to help others and uphold your duties as staff you are aware that you will be demoted: yes please by allmeans demote me for not doing what my job is to do.
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    Good Luck buddy :)
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    what do u mean bad? we need more staff online

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