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    I have been pretty dedicated to anarchy for the last months. I was doing everything I can to help. I did make more than 10 videos. I worked my ass off to get support. I was demoted because the Admins didn't have the guts to protect me for doing my job properly. When I first got staff. Bren told me I was gonna be hated because others were gonna be jealous that I got staff. He still demoted me because I was disliked. Been 4 days my profile still won't load.

    Thanks Derek, Conner and Will for everything you guys have done to make things work out for me.

    Im out, peace.
  2. glenndon

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    Noooooooooo, I disagree. You cannot leave... I am back in 2 days pleaaaaseee stay.
  3. Erin

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    Sad to see any player go. Hopefully one day you will make your way back to us. Have fun! :)

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