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    Custom Item tokens are the most donated for item besides Donator Dollars. Many people are curious as to what limits these magical items have. This thread will lay out the wide variety of options available with custom item tokens as well as their limits.

    What Custom Item Tokens can become:
    1. They can become 1 item and ONLY 1 item.
    2. They can become a pet.
    3. They can become a renamed/recolored item that already exists in-game.
    4. They can become a totally new item created by one of our modelers.
    5. They can be given good stats.
    6. They can be given additional drop rate bonus or experience boost.
    7. They can have their own animation and special function in combat.
    8. They can become someone else's custom item.

    What Custom Item Tokens can't become:
    1. A completionist cape / quest cape.
    2. A donator rank or any other rank.
    3. An item worth more than 100 donator dollars.

    To have your custom item made:

    1. Please speak to one of the following players: Bob, Rain Silves. If you're unable to reach these players, let another member of the staff team know that you wish to speak with them.
    2. Post your custom item token idea in the Custom Item Suggestions! Found here:
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