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    In Game Name: Astrix
    Why do you want this position: I love making art and i want to be apart of this server
    Do you have previous experience as a GFX artist: [YES/no]
    If you have previous experience, will you show us your work: [YES/no]
    How long have you played the server: Almost a week.. I know, short time.
    Do you have a website you post your art at: [YES/no] (Can we have a link to your page?)
    Age: 20
    Timezone/location: Pittsburgh, EST Time
    Real Name: Michael
    Can you make GIF images: Yes, with a decent amount of knowledge
    (Optional questions)
    Who is your favorite artist:
    What is your favorite art style:
    Does Pablo Picasso make sense to you:
    Did you watch the 72 hour Bob Ross live steam on Twitch:
    Do you like 3d modeling as well: YES <3
    Do you think art has gotten better or worse through time: Better, art today and the story behind the art is amazing.
    What is the Da Vinci code: To my knowledge, there isn't any truth behind it.


    anarchyRSPS 1.jpg
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    Good luck man! Nice work
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    nice work for sure

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