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Discussion in 'Updates' started by Erin, Jun 24, 2017.

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  1. Erin

    Erin Co Owner Staff Member Co-Owner Admin Gfx

    Pouches can be purchased from ge.
    Boss pet damage changed
    Rocktails to GE
    improved deaths scythe
    improved chronic greataxe
    Updates to bow of morning star
    Removed golden tickets from shops
    Restored prices back to normal
    Bringing back pvp bots
    Ironman get bounty targets now
    Ironman can pvp each other
    Apprentices can't wield multiple weapons
    Disabled chronic greataxe (ge) in wild
    Added ring of life (z) to Queen black dragon drops
    0's heal npc's by 5% of their max hitpoints
    Increased cerberus defence
    Added more items to GE
    Fixed GE quantity bug
    0's heal npc's by 50
    Added more customs that cannot be used in wild
    Added new moderator commands
    Changed Sarah shop
    Increased amount of sink holes
    New Client: Auto-Login Fix
    Spawners can use ;;emptybank
    Spawners can use ;;emptybank2
    Cant use lent items in the wilderness
    Added polypore staff to pvp shop
    Increased polypore prices
    Added dragon claws to Grand Exchange
    Added Bandos to Grand Exchange
    Added Ring of Wealth (e) to pvp shops
    Added Ring of Power (e) to pvp shops
    Fixed shop amounts
    Added healing effect to sky shield
    Added hope effect to sky/anarchy shield
    Added infinite overload / prayer to anarchy shield
    Added hand cannon to Grand Exchange
    Added Spirit shards to Grand Exchange
    Increased Saradomin drop prices
    Increased Zamorak drop prices
    Added nex Boots/gloves to Grand Exchange
    Added Ring of Power (e) to Sarah's Shop
    Added stats to Ring of Power (e)
    Added Ring of Wealth (e) to Sarah's Shop
    Added Ring of Wealth (e) Chance at double drops

    Future updates coming very soon
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