Anarchy Client Tutorial (Link Below)

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    ↓↓↓↓ Link Below ↓↓↓↓

    Click to Get Anarchy Client
    1. Download Java! (if you don't have)

    a) Click to Get Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
    b) Accept License, then click one of the two downloads for Java.
    Try the second one first, then try the first one :)


    2. Download Anarchy!
    a) Click to Get Anarchy Client
    b) Keep Anarchy

    c) Run Anarchy


    3. Log in!

    a) Type any username and password!
    It will create a new account for you ;)

    b) Start playing!

    Starter Cheat Hints:
    a) Will @ ::h (home) gives Demonic Donator / Custom Item lends!
    b) Type ::edge for pking!
    c) Type ::ge for Grand Exchange! (Sells and Buys more than 10,000 )
    d) Type ::b for your Bank!
    e) Type ::ancients for Ancients / ::lunars for Lunars
    f) Type ::train to Train!
    g) Type ::lockxp to lock xp
    h) Quest Tab!

    Teleports include bosses, training, and slayer locations.
    Shops include many items for training skills.
    Donator panel has Overload, Adrenaline potions, Yell titles, Name titles, and more!



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  2. MissxShanTaY

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    Good guide for new players
    Always get asked how to sell items

    Thanks Bren:3
  3. Cedico Qc

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    Nice Brennan it will be a good guide for people who will start :p
  4. tayy

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    Super awesome guide, thanks for sharing!
  5. SkZeus

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    Can't run Anarchy jar file.

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