Zulrah and Toxic blowpipe!

Hope you guys love it

Zulrah and Toxic blowpipe!

Fight Zulrah with all three stages, even with other players! Be careful as Zulrah could inflict venom on you. But, with his fangs you can craft your very own toxic blowpipe and toxic staff of the dead. Zulrah currently has all of the correct mechanics, including the spawning of snaklings as well as the venomous clouds. The Zul-Andre teleport is most easily obtainable in the event token shop, so get yours today!

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Boss Pets!

They're cool and collectible!

Boss Pets

They're finally here. The players wanted more pets and they got them. There's all sorts of bosses and therefore, there's all sorts of boss pets! They range from Bork to Nex to Corporeal beast to Chaos elemental. There are plenty of them to go around. The chance of getting one is 1/1000. They're rare, but they're also tradeable. Also, sure to take them on walks or they might devour you! Anyways, if you want a comprehensive list of all of the boss pets, just take a look at the boss kill counter interface.

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